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Artery Editions are proud to publish a sequence of 19 experimental odes, written by Robert Hampson. These offer a documentation of Covid-19 from multi-faceted perspectives in the form of fragmented, ‘public voice’ poems: “nothing lost here amidst the welter, nothing gained by strong arming it” (Jeanne Heuving).

"Covodes 1-19 by Robert Hampson is a Power-Pack for our times."

Iain Sinclair, December 2021

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"Philip O'Connor's Scheme, resurrected and indeed reborn by Artery Editions, sings fresh and loud. It is a delight for eyye and ear, a pleasure to handle and shuffle. A crafted artwork that is elegant and functional, but where the words are not betrayed by any form of overdesign. Here is an English production worthy of Black Mountain or Bauhaus. A collaboration between poets, artists and printer, made in artisan heaven."

Iain Sinclair, October 2021

Scheme: Collaboration between Philip O'Connor, John Berger, Patricia Hope Scanlan and Andrzej Maria Borkowski (Paperback)

Poems by Philip O'Connor, Essay on Philip O'Connor by John Berger, Art by Andrzej Maria Borkowski, also artwork, pencil drawings by Philip O'Connor, portrait of Philip O'Connor at age 17 circa, edited by poet Patricia Hope Scanlan.This is the celebration of Philip O'Connor work praised by John Berger whose essay was never previously published. Artery Editions have published Philip O'Connor in a title Thinking of Li Po in 1994 and also featured O'Connor's work in a magazine called SuperReal. Patricia Hope Scanlan, the editor also wrote an Obituary for Philip O'Connor in The Guardian Newspaper. The book is dedicated to Panna Grady O'Connor, a great supporter of Philip's work. The text of the poem Captain Busby The Even Tenour of Her Ways is included as is the film produced and directed by Anne Wolff (1967).


Le Madame broadsheet
Poets Deborah Levy, Mine Kaylan, Patricia Hope Scanlan

Art by Louise Bourgeois, published by Artery Editions, England, 2022. A limited edition of 300 copies.

GIRL FALLING, Louise Bourgeois, 1947, Ink & Charcoal on Paper 28.5 x 18cm. Private Collection, California.

Photo by Robert Mates © The Easton Foundation/DACS, London 2020

"The broadsheet…takes flight, for sure, between word and image and between the three poets, making their links and correspondences. A thing of grace and spirit, movement and bite. I'm delighted to have a copy."

Iain Sinclair, July 2021

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